Blogging Guidelines

You should always follow the instructions given by Mr. Manwarren on each blog post assignment.  Assignments will be posted in Google Classroom or on the blog post itself.


  1. Remember your Digital Footprint:  Be sure what you are posting is positive, constructive, and uses correct spelling.  What you post here is a representation of you and your school.  Keep your posts and comments school appropriate.
  2. DO NOT POST:  your last name (your last name initial is OK), your email address, your phone number or other personal information
  3. DO NOT Write about your peers:  Remember, this is public so If you don’t have permission or if it will make your peer uncomfortable do not share it.
  4. Use Complete Sentences
  5. TAG: Tell something you like about the post. Ask a question. Give a suggestion
  6. DO NOT PLAGIARIZE:  Use quotation marks and include your source when appropriate.
  7. Stay on topic:  Do not post or comment on things that are not related to the topic.
  8. Use CATEGORIES for every post – it helps organize the blog
  9. If its not true, don’t post it:
  10. Only post school appropriate pictures.