Elements of a Quality Comment

Elements of quality comments:

Written like a letter with a greeting, body, and sometimes a closing.
Correct spelling, grammar, punctuation, and spacing.
Questions, compliments, and/or relevant new information.
Making connections without revealing personal information like surnames, addresses, birthdays etc.
You won’t always include all of the above in your comments but these are the sorts of things you might aim for.

Make a comment below to tell me 1 thing you learned about what makes a quality comment.

58 thoughts on “Elements of a Quality Comment

    • you have a point when you say that you should leave positive comments instead of negative ones because we don’t want to make a person feel bad about all the hard work that they put into there blog

  1. What makes a quality blog a comment is when you post good stuff and help them make a better blog but not by saying something mean it’s by saying something that will actually help and nice.

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