Welcome to my Technology Class blog!

So what is this blogging thing anyway?  Most of you are probably new to blogging so I am sharing a video to learn what this is all about.  What is blogging?

I am also including two links to websites to learn about the history of blogging and to further explain what blogging is.  History of Blogging  

What is a blog?  We are going to be learning all about blogging, the ins and outs of it.  Some of you may even get the chance to make your own blog!

Your first assignment is to watch the video and read at least one of the website articles.   Then write a 1-2 sentence explanation of what a blog is as if you were explaining to someone who has never heard of it before.  

66 thoughts on “Welcome to my Technology Class blog!

  1. one website that i read it says that blogger means that you post somthing and everyone can see what you post so it say is that anything you post everyone can see what you post

  2. Ashley. L

    A blog is yours ideas,your experiences and more all in one place.Your blog is what showed who you are and how others will think of you.

  3. its pretty much where you explain your thought and opinoins and how and stuff like that like who you wanna vote for pres or who’s your favorite youtuber and who’s your favorite friend and you could make up hashtags like #peepeegang or like #imAnerd

    • Great response Melanie, next time be sure to use correct spelling when you post a comment. Remember our commenting guidelines.

  4. a blog is a personal website where you can post your opinions and this video was pretty much helpful for me to learn more about what is a blog but i would kinda need a little bit of help.

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